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  • 3 meals a day are produced in our Camp Imua Kitchen, under the guidance of a chef. Kitchen staff assists with chopping veggies and fruit, following food prep directions and serving meals to camp participants.

  • Cleaning crew is in charge of wiping down tables in the dining hall after meals and between meals if necessary, monitoring the garbage to assure its correctly sorted. (we have a special way to dispose of waste at Camp Imua in order to avoid large landfill foot print. ) Bathrooms are another area of focus for the cleaning crew. Emptying garbage's and restocking supplies, wiping down surfaces if necessary. Also helping to tidy up common areas, helping campers with laundry, and assisting in general with the upkeep of a safe clean environment.

  • A few meals are donated to Camp Imua by the resorts on the West and South Shores. Food runners drive to pick up the food donations: must have a large vehicle with AC to ensure food safety.

  • The safety of our Camp participants is our top priority. This includes keeping our teenaged counselors on site in the night time hours, and out of the bushes and hiding spots where secret situations pose risks. Our night time security patrols the camp on foot or ATV, and is responsible for keeping the teens safe by escorting them back to their cabins, or to the directors cabin if there's a situation that warrants immediate action.

What do YOU bring to Camp?

Needs and Restrictions

*Please note that while we attempt to provide vegetarian options and gluten free options at all meal times, however if your diet has sever restrictions we may ask that you bring your own food to camp.

A signed waiver will be required prior to participation in Camp. A link to obtain the waiver will be shown on the confirmation page, which will come to you via email.

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